Attending a workshop on PALMISTRY/HAND READING is a good introduction to get acquainted with the subject. It is possible to participate in a workshop of a single day during which 6 hours of teaching are interrupted by a number of breaks in order to allow the information to settle. Other options are a two or three day workshop with an increase in teaching hours to 12 or 18.
In order to achieve the best results possible, theory and practical exercises are constantly alternated. A workshop is available in English, Dutch and German.


A training as an independent hand reader (chirology 1) is given during 3 separate workshops of 6 to 8 hours each. During each workshop practical and theoretical exercises will be alternated. Subsequently a training for chirology 2 can be attended. It is also possible to order a self study course on chirology. For more information please click the button "self knowledge course" above.

Both books below were written by Hans Fingerhut for those who wish to be trained as an independent hand reader and/or chirological consultant.


Chirology 1 18  lessons including certificate.


163 photo's and 20 prints are enclosed in this book as visual support of theory.

Chirlogy 2 was written for chirological consultants. 30 lessons (including certificate) are divided as follows;


Chirology 2, part 1 Morphology; 12 lessons.
Chirology 2, part 2 Palmar lines; 12 lessons.
Chirology 2, part 3 Dermatoglyphics; 6 lessons.


A training as  chirological consultant results in the ability to advise on various issues treated during an analysis such as education, career choice and several other issues of importance to a client. In order to attend this training, previous training as independent hand reader  as well as practical experience are required. A student will be trained in coaching based on extensive hand analysis. A considerable part of this training will consist of supervision during practical exercises.
585 photo's and 29 prints are used in this book as visual support.





Part 2


Part 3


Hans Fingerhut