Who am I?

This is an important question people ask themselves nowadays which cannot quickly be answered. One would like to know why one is here and what the meaning of being is. Another question that puzzles many is: why is it that I have to go through so many negative experiences, pain, sorrow etc. and where does this come from? Finding an answer to all these questions is not easy, yet not impossible. Shocking events and experiences are often preceded by various signals which can, when correctly interpreted, lift a considerable part of the veil.
These signals are often wrapped in symbols which are to be translated into a transparent language, in order to comprehend the deeper meaning behind them and use them to our advantage. This advantage always consists of a deeper insight in oneself. One changes the perspective regarding an event or experience which, in turn, leads to inner, call it spiritual growth.
Signals may be encountered in various ways for example in a text, a commercial, a conversation etcetera. Also people, animals, objects etc. can act as a mirror with a symbolic meaning. In addition to this one may find miscellaneous symbols in dreams which are important to ones consciousness. Even our own exclamations to others often contain a profound, symbolic meaning to ourselves. Many people will recognize this: what I just told him/her can be applied to myself as well.
Signals and symbols are used to great extent in specific area's of expertise such as Astrology, Palmistry, the I Tsjing and Numerology to name but a few. Some of them shall be elaborated on in the future. Most important however, will be the helping hand, offered to the reader in order to learn to see and interpret her/his own signals. Proceeding like this offers the possibility for every single person to be his/her own guru without having to depend on anyone. This is a road we all travel to understanding yourself, loving yourself and inner growth.

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