Activities Hans Fingerhut



  1. Lecture; Hans can be contacted to give a lecture on palmistry/chirology. During this lecture he will provide the visitors with theoretical information as well as give a number of participants a short personal hand analysis.


  1. Living room projects; short, private consultations for a limited number of participants (4 to 8) at one of the participants’ home.


  1. Workshop; a workshop of one, two or three days can be attended. The workshop can be given in  Dutch and English as well as in German.


  1. Consultation; private consultations of 30 minutes or one hour are possible. A personal consultation can be given in Dutch, English or German. One can also contact Hans for an extensive reading by the use of a webcam in one of the three languages mentioned above.


  1. Education; those who are interested can be trained to become an independent hand reader ( palmist ). After completion of this training it is possible to be trained as a chirological consultant. In case it is not possible to attend lessons personally, it is also possible to order a complete course by using the button; self knowledge course.

  1. Party; in case of a celebration, for instance a bachelor party etc. Hans can be invited to give a number of short consultations. The requirements for the number of participants are; a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8.