Who is Hans Fingerhut?



A man who gained various insights through painful personal experiences during his quest for the meaning of life and his individual place and task in life. A proud father of two grown children who, like him, seek their own way in life.


From the early age of 12 Hans read everything about the paranormal and related subjects he could get his hands on. When he was 17 years old he gave his first lecture on spiritism and parapsychology. From the age of 19 he studied palmistry in depth and this study is still a work in progress.


During the passing years his knowledge on the subject increased though he states the most important personal gain is increase in self knowledge. His idealism and experiences led to the conviction that profound knowledge and insights are not handed by the ego but by the heart. Therefore it will come as no surprise that it is his goal to help people in acquiring insights about and love for themselves.


The passion and catching enthusiasm which characterize him are best displayed during his lectures, workshops, lessons and readings.


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