General information


Reading palms ( hands ) has been applied for thousands of years and history is ridden with examples of all kinds of methods to read hands.


By using a scientific and analytical approach as well as intuitive interpretation of hands, learning this is possible for almost everyone.


During the process of this study an increase in understanding why certain experiences keep repeating themselves shall be gained which will result in improved capability to cope with such experiences. Knowledge of self will become more and more profound and one will learn to look at people and situations from a different perspective.


All workshops, a training for chirological consultant and  the self knowledge course are  composed of 3 elements which are;

- shape of the hands a.k.a. morphology

- palmar lines a.k.a. line signature

- skin ridges a.k.a. dermatoglyphics


By using  this method one will learn how to read ones own hands as well as how to interpret hands of fellow students, relatives, friends etc.


The lessons will be given by the signee who has committed himself to the subject for more than 34 years and is an experienced teacher since 22 years.


Below a very concise summary of one out of three systems used  for determination of the shape of a hand. The examples shown are being used in the method of the elements.


Earth hand Fire hand Water hand Air hand


Reliable, loyal Passion, creativity Emotional, sensitive Mental, realistic




To the left some lines which are described very briefly below.


  1. Line of Life

   Vitality, immunity etc.

  1. Head Line

Thinking, mental process etc.

  1. Heart Line

Emotional process etc.

  1. Fate Line

Goals, purposes etc.

  1. Apollo Line

Creativity, art etc.

  1. Mercury Line

Communication, health etc.


Below a few varieties of possible skin patterns on the fingertips. Various patterns with a specific meaning may be present on the palms as well.


Arch Tented Arch Loop Doudle loop Whorl


Should you consider it a challenge to learn how to interpret the lines below,



 or all three different patterns displayed on the palm print below,



as well as various hand shapes…………………………..please feel free to contact me.