July 30th 2013


Many of the changes which so many people eagerly yearned for, already started. Transition of 2012 to 2013 accelerated various processes. All what was or still is hidden is exposed at an increasing pace. Dishonest treatment or domination in whatever way is no longer accepted. People start to resist, be it individually in a personal relationship or as a group to companies, banks or governments. Not only can this be witnessed in ones own vicinity but also on a global scale in various countries. Actually, this is a clear sign of inner growth through a change of awareness so many have been waiting for. Gradually our old way of thinking which was based on conditioned anxieties will change into a perspective based on personal freedom due to an increase of being oneself. The ones who have an interest to perpetuate the status quo will stop at nothing to remain in power. Exactly that will stimulate the transition as this kind of thinking will be the fuel for the fire of transformation. Below  a revealing and mind blowing documentary which will lift the veil of ignorance.