Vibrational frequency

March 28th 2012

Since the end of last year (November) a change in the vibration of frequency is going on. This alteration in energy shall lead to a number of important changes from April this year which had and will have major repercussions, both individually as well as in society. On an individual level it means that people will be confronted with the necessity to establish boundaries, defend their own truth and let go of loved ones, often by their demise. This leads to a quest during which people are automatically drawn to kindred spirits who broadcast the same frequency. As a result individuals gather who, by their combined radiation, realize certain changes which will alter both individual consciousness and consciousness of society.

Follow-up April 20th 2012

Results of the energy described above can be noiticed already. An interesting additional effect is the fact that many people are confronted with previously hidden thought and behavioural patterns which surface. This is and will be the cause of several confrontations resulting in the release of much pain etc. in the subconscious. Eventually this shall lead to an increase in closeness to the own core or, in other words, being more the person she/ he really is.

Follow-up June 20th 2012

It can be noticed that in many cases people are confronted with all kinds of situations and events leading up to an increase in revealing the true self as explained previously on April 20th last. Often drastic measures are taken to force a person as it were to remain or become true to him or herself. Though this results in emotional turmoil which may be felt as if one is thrown into an abyss, insights in the genuine meaning of such situations and events will surface and alter perspective. It's of the utmost importance not to be discouraged by such events as they will lead to accelerated inner growth by a change of consciousness.

Follow-up July 18th 2012

The change in consciousness as mentioned previously in the entry above pertains to a shift from ego thinking to thoughts, inspired and led by our higher selves. Awareness of an inner force which transcends the ego and is our true self will increase during the coming months. This is already visible on a global scale by the refusal of many to accept the continuing manipulation of bankers and politicians. Though this is concerned with the material world while the higher self resides in higher realms, through projecting this awareness in the material world, the inner self of all involved shall grow which will cascade into further significant changes.