March 3rd 2012

Much, probably too much has been written on 2012 as being a decisive and transforming year in human existence. Some of my topics refer to and cope with several transformational items and energies. All of these are a genuine reflection of my personal experiences shared with many readers as I know for a fact that many people experience similar events but are restricted for or by whatever reason to share this with others. My motivation to share is the simple fact that we are all linked with all that is. Though this may sounds as a figment of my imagination bear in mind that quantum physics generates increasingly more evidence to support this. On the Internet there is more than abundant proof to elaborate on this.

The reason I’m posting this article was triggered by recent and still ongoing events that entered my consciousness. Through palmistry/chirology I found there has to be a balance between rational and intuitive faculties in order to achieve the best results possible. In other words; feminine/masculine i.e. yin/yang contributions have to be balanced to such an extent that an equal share is donated by both. This and only this will lead to a situation in which the ego will be transcended and a chirological consultation shall yield the best results for a client. That is, of course, provided a change in thoughts or behaviour leads to unconditional love towards others and self. It stands to reason that the same goes for all issues and behaviour.