Everything in the universe actually consists of energy which constantly vibrates on various frequencies. This applies to matter perceptible by the senses as well as to thoughts. Although one is not capable of perceiving a thought it is obvious that this form of energy is broadcasted and received. If, for example, a person is afraid of a dog this fear may be registered by the dog followed by a possible attack. From this it can be deduced that it is likely that the energy of the thought is apparently enhanced by the emotion (fear), which enables the dog to pick it up and act accordingly. The previous example indicates that one can deal with this based on a state of awareness. One is able to link the energy of a thought to a positive emotion which than can be radiated. An application of this nature will enable us to create a different reality. Of course, there are more examples of various kinds of energy we can (learn to) deal with or we may encounter. The nature of the energy can be established from the response it causes in thoughts and acting of ourselves and our fellow men.