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Everything in the universe actually consists of energy which constantly vibrates on various frequencies. This applies to matter perceptible by the senses as well as to thoughts. Although one is not capable of perceiving a thought it is obvious that this form of energy is broadcasted and received. If, for example, a person is afraid of a dog this fear may be registered by the dog followed by a possible attack. From this it can be deduced that it is likely that the energy of the thought is apparently enhanced by the emotion (fear), which enables the dog to pick it up and act accordingly. The previous example indicates that one can deal with this based on a state of awareness. One is able to link the energy of a thought to a positive emotion which than can be radiated. An application of this nature will enable us to create a different reality. Of course, there are more examples of various kinds of energy we can (learn to) deal with or we may encounter. The nature of the energy can be established from the response it causes in thoughts and acting of ourselves and our fellow men.


Energy and transformation

The entire creation consists of energy. This applies to the visible as well as to the non-visible part of it. This implies that not only the material world like people, animals, plants etc. consist of energy but the non-material world as well. An example of the latter is the world of thoughts. This energy can manifest itself in many ways and vibrates on a specific frequency. Since we, by being human, are limited to a material observation due to the restrictions of our senses, we are also bounded as far as observing various forms of energy are concerned. Yet many people take notice of other energies without using the five tactile senses. This is known as extra sensory perception. Every person met with this or will deal with it sooner or later. As we developed the sensory perception unilaterally for thousands of years, the gift of perceiving without the usual senses is suppressed, however, not lost or destroyed. One of the typical signs of our time is that this ability surfaces in an increasing number of people. Among them are some who demonstrate this ability with spectacular results. This is due to the fact that we are living in an era of tremendous changes in consciousness. These changes will result in a balance between our mental and intuitive abilities. The collision between both abilities happened because they vibrate on a different frequency. The current change will lead to a vibration on the same frequency of both abilities, thus resulting in harmony rather than in difference or competition.

The last couple of years influx of various energies from the Cosmos increased dramatically. They, as well, contribute considerably to the harmonisation of inner opposing forces. These cosmic energies are so powerful that they are increasingly sensible, literally and physically. When consciously chosen to open up to this flooding of energy with the intent of inner growth, one will notice a growth in the ability to look at issues and situations from a different point of view. This constant change of perspective results in observing life with all its ups and downs from an inner state of trust. This results in a decrease of inner resistance to events which also diminish suffering. The simplest way to live from this intention arises from the awareness that all things which cause emotional distress, are eventually meant to learn from. Everything which hurts us mentally or emotionally can cause inner growth once we open up to look at it in a different way. The difficulty of this approach is the fact that we have to let go of the habit of reacting in a certain way, in other words, get rid of the former conditioning. The fact that more and more people acknowledge, understand and apply this also indicates a change of frequency of energy.

More people begin to realise that they cannot return to the old manner of responding and they usually do not wish to do so anymore. One may often hear that a person does not want to return to the old way of living once the change of thinking or attitude starts, even if this would be possible. This indicates that an alteration of consciousness is ongoing and that the person involved is going through a transformation process. This process will lead to an increase of experiencing love for the inner self.

Hans Fingerhut 17-02-2009



Thought Energy

Our thoughts are a kind of energy which is creative. Eventually our thoughts take shape in our physical world. In general this is a process which takes years to come into effect. Should an emotion be connected to a thought, the latter will sooner become a reality in the material world. This manifestation speed increases even more when this emotion is a strong one and the thought is repeated in combination with the emotion. Every thought vibrates on a certain frequency like radio waves or light waves. Similar thoughts are present in the same frequency range. This means that, by having certain thoughts, one finds oneself in the energy of that specific range. In other words, one is attuned to a certain wavelength. Due to this one attracts people who represent the same wave length both from the physical as well as the non physical world.
It is common to have reoccurring thoughts as a result of one or the other fear. This may lead to susceptibility to be influenced by someone who is attuned to the same frequency. In the physical world one attracts one or more people who may abuse your weakness (read: fear). For example; a person who has a hard time to say ‘no’ will be approached by people to ask him/her to help them by doing annoying chores. Entities, residing in the non physical world on the same frequency feed on the energy of these thoughts. They will try continuously to influence the thinker to hold these thoughts so they can keep feeding on its energy. Once aware of this thought pattern and the way it influences ones life, one is capable of changing this. In the material world the person involved will say ‘no’ more often when asked for help once again. The influence from the non physical world shall subside and eventually disappear by focussing the own thoughts on something else when one notices that the old thought pattern is back. It goes without saying that changing a certain way of thinking takes time. It takes the same effort time and again to replace the former thought pattern. Of course this may result in frustration however one will persevere knowing the pain and grievance the old pattern caused. Confirmation of being on the right track comes twofold. In the first place one starts noticing that less people who only want to abuse one ask for help. Secondly one finds the disturbing thought pattern, connected to a certain fear, pops up less frequently. However, it is common to have a relapse in thoughts now and then. This only signifies that one is on the right path but has to maintain to work at the inner self.
For support one could talk to someone who went or currently goes through the same process. Finding the right person is becoming easier since many people are working on various processes of awareness.



Intrusive energy

Currently there is an increase of the influx of energy which leads to major changes. It is the end of July 2009 and the energy mentioned is intrusive to such an extent that it may lead to radical reactions in many people. These reactions may vary and take different forms. Some examples are; Recurring negative thoughts on all kinds of issues: incomprehensible emotional outbursts which result in a sense of regret later: confrontations with situations or people from the past that demand a solution: despair: feelings of loneliness: thoughts of being unable to cope with it anymore etc., etc. Despite all pain and sorrow this causes it signals a global change in consciousness. This will increase as we draw closer to December 2012. The transforming energy will grow exponentially. Though this is hard to bear individually, it may help to know that all people and even all life on earth is being influenced by this energy. Even those people who think that only they who believe in or are open for this are involved are included in this process and will, sooner or later, become aware of this. Since we are all individuals, the personal effect of this transforming energy may vary considerably. Personal support can be derived from talking about the difficulties, thoughts and or feelings with others. Recognition and acknowledgement by others will diminish the gravity of this stage.

Hans Fingerhut 22-07-2009


Transforming energy

A few weeks now one can sense an energy which initiates an inner transformation process. It is the 21st of October 2009 and this energy has been active since the end of last month. This leads in particular to a change of consciousness on stating ones own boundaries. Many are met with fierce reactions from their environment. Many people are no longer willing to accept various issues which they convey to their partner, colleagues, relatives and/or vicinity. This often results in serious collisions with others. These emotions are necessary to gain insights which lead to an inner transformation. In view of the former text it is obvious that, initially, one will find oneself in a situation of increasing tension and stress. After the insight has been obtained, a feeling of relief and freedom will follow. Through observing the own environment it shall become clear that many are going through a similar process at the moment. Knowing this may offer some support in a sense that one does not go through this process alone.

Hans Fingerhut 21-10-2009


Results of transforming energy

The consequences of transforming energy are increasingly visible around the world. This applies to individuals as well as to groups and entire nations. Remarkable shifts take place in the economical and political field. Egoism in politics increases and is publicly revealed by the fact that certain people or regimes refuse to relinquish power. Nevertheless an alteration in power takes place because people no longer accept domination or restriction by a regime or person(s) in power. One could say that a change in awareness and consequently in perspective renders the egoism of the ones in power unacceptable. On an economic level a shift can be noticed as well. An example of the latter is the increasing intolerance regarding people who fill their own pockets at the expense of the masses which resulted in an economic crisis that spread worldwide and has to be paid for by the masses. Fraud and the abuse of power are increasingly revealed and topples down management of companies and entire governments.
A clear gauge of the continuing economical crisis, which is behind us according to some of the media, is the housing market. Prices of houses drop in various countries which results in a downward spiral of the masses who were anchored to an expensive mortgage.
On an individual level one may notice an increase in broken relationships from which one party can release the victim roll and the other party playing a dominating part. People are less and less willing to have others impose their will upon them. Boundaries are sett and old, imposed boundaries and restrictions faint away. Though the previous text may appear to be of a less positive nature, one can see that it is a clear sign of an alteration in consciousness worldwide which started years ago and becomes visible to an accelerated extent.

28-04-2011 Hans Fingerhut




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Inner Growth

Currently every single person is going through a phase of change which shall lead to inner growth. Though known by many this also applies to all who are not yet aware of this change. This change, which actually is a transformation, leads to radical consequences on a physical, mental and emotional level. An aid enabling us to better cope with the consequences of this transformation is the Solfeggio tone scale. Listening to music on the frequencies of this scale results in a soothing and healing effect.

Solfeggio tones

The mystical Solfeggio frequencies were rediscovered by dr. Joseph Puleo. He found them encoded in the Bible. He found a series of 6 electromagnetic frequencies which corresponded to the 6 missing tones of the old Solfeggio scale. These could be the tones of creation and manifestation. It is assumed that these tones were used in Gregorian as well as Sanskrit hymns by which access was gained to deeper levels of the subconscious mind. Syllables representing the notes of this tone scale are Ut-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La. They originate from the medieval song Ut Queant Laxis which was dedicated to John the Baptist. The text in Ut Queant Laxis seems to suggest that these notes open a channel of communication with the Divine. Below a detailed impression of these frequencies. After opening corresponding films, one can listen to the music while meditating. This will support the transformation process.

Ut (Ut queant laxis )

396 Hz: liberating guilt and fear; root chakra.

Color Red (#FF000)


Re (Resonare fibris )

417 Hz: undoing situations, facilitating change; sacral chakra.

Color Orange (#FFA500)


Mi (Mira gestorum )

528 Hz: transformation and miracles DNA repair; solar plexus.

Color Gold (#FFD700)


Fa (Famuli tuorum)

639 Hz: connecting/relationships; heart chakra.

Color Green (#FFD700)


Sol (Solve polluti )

741 Hz: clear communication, creative expression; throat chakra.

Color Blue (#0000FF)


La (Labii reatum )

852 Hz: awakening intuition, spiritual balance; forehead chakra.

Color Purple (#800080)

For continuous play click below.
This movie is composed by Jo Weerts
Film Rights Jo Weerts


A higher Solfeggio frequency is known as Ti, 963 Hertz and allegedly this tone is connected to the crown chakra and to Divine Presence and Unity. By listening to the music one can draw ones own conclusions.


In addition there are some other higher  Solfeggio frequencies as well as 3 lower Solfeggio frequencies which are;  63, 174 Hz and 285 Hz..  By listening to the examples one can judge for oneself.

963  Hz

63  Hz

174 Hz

285 Hz




Dr. Masaru Emoto

Despite the fact the results of research by dr. Masaru Emoto are subject of discussion, they are definitely worth our attention. Especially if one considers that each change meets with resistance against new ideas, meanings, visions and conclusions.

The pictures below reveal the effect by Solfeggio frequencies on water crystals as photographed by dr. Emoto.