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Hand analysis

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Created on Tuesday, 30 October 2012 17:49

Hand analysis

Though the pictures below are somewhat blurry and are lacking in details a reasonably comprehensive description can be given of the owner of these hands.

This person is an analytical thinker who is very systematic, meticulous and who loves methodology. A clear talent for science is present. In particular medical science.
The owner of these hands is also prudent, very intelligent, cunning and shrewd and has a very strong sense of responsibility. Whatever he does, he’s always utterly convinced that it is in the best interest of others, be it family members or other people depending on his decisions. He is very keen on doing, what he believes to be, the right thing for his family and/or other members of society. This trait of perfection was conditioned by an inadequate relationship with his mother. In fact, he never seizes to try to prove himself to be good enough to receive his mother’s unconditional love. This may result in an unwavering attitude even when proven wrong by various circumstances.
This person felt compelled to “follow in his father’s footsteps” by either taking over a family business or being almost forced to make an imposed career choice.
Due to self imposed pressure this person may develope a heart condition which may lead to serious health problems from the age of 42 onwards.
In conclusion it is also clear that the owner of these hands is more concerned about his position in society than about material gain.